A simple description of what CASTOR is about, including introductory white papers, advantages, qualifications and published research papers and articles.
SATELLITE BASICS The basics of the number of satellites, satellite orbits and apparent satellite brightness.
ORBIT MECHANICS In-depth descriptions of the orbit characteristics of satellites, Keplerian orbit elements, Two-Line Element Sets (TLEs) and a glossary of satellite orbit terms.
ORBIT PROPAGATION A full description of how a satellite's apparent position can be predicted using a satellite's orbit elements.
ORBIT DETERMINATION A step-by-step preliminary orbit determination of a satellite.
VE3HEO LOGBOOK The amateur radio logbook of VE3HEO (my new call sign).
HEADLINES A list of present and former CASTOR headline news.
PAPERS AND ARTICLES CASTOR articles and papers published since 1999.
CASTOR'S DATA Handy shortcuts to all the data CASTOR has collected for the past several years. This can include images, tumble periods, photometric (brightness) analyses, astrometric analyses, etc.
LEGAL All legal information, including business code of conduct, copyright notices, etc.
ABOUT MIKE EARL Biography, accomplishments and CV for Michael A. Earl, the owner/founder of CASTOR and the creator/webmaster of this web site.
SATELLITES ON RADIO Recordings of transmitting amateur satellites; mainly cubesats.
A unique catalogue that is comprised of those satellites that can be detected with medium-aperture telescopes (10 to 16 inches) and research-grade CCD detectors. This catalogue continues to grow as CASTOR conducts additional surveys of the accessible satellite population.
IMAGES Images of the wonders of our heavens collected by the founder of CASTOR since January 1990.
MULTIMEDIA CASTOR press releases, images, audio clips and video clips.
ASTRONOMICAL CALCULATIONS Interesting calculations of astronomical values, such as orbital velocity, lunar mountain eights.




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