"Owner" refers to the country (or company) that owns the satellite in question. Below is a table of abbreviations used in this catalogue:

ALGERIA: Algeria LUX: Luxembourg
ARAB: Arabsat Corporation MEXICO: Mexico
ARG: Argentina NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
ASIA: The Continent of Asia NETH: The Netherlands
AUS: Australia NORWAY: Norway
BRAZIL: Brazil ORB: Orbcomm Corporation
CANADA: Canada PAKISTAN: Pakistan
CZECH: Czechoslovakia or the Czech Republic PHI: The Philippines
EGYPT: Egypt PRC: The People's Republic of China
ESTONIA: Estonia PRC / BRZ: People's Republic of China / Brazil
EU: Europe or the European Space Agency RUSSIA: U.S.S.R. or the Russian Federation
EUTEL: Eutelsat Corporation S AFRICA: South Africa
FRANCE: France SAUDI: Saudi Arabia
FR / GE: France / Germany SEA: Sea Launch
GERMANY: Germany SING-TAI: Singapore / Taiwan
GREECE: Greece S-KOREA: South Korea
GS: Globalstar Corporation SPAIN: Spain
HUNGARY: Hungary SWEDEN: Sweden
ICO: ICO Global Communications SWTZLND: Switzerland
INDIA: India TAIWAN: Taiwan (Republic of China)
INDO: Indonesia THAI: Thailand
INMAR: Inmarsat Corporation TURKEY: Turkey
INTEL: Intelsat Corporation UAE: United Arab Emirates
INTL: International UK: The United Kingdom
IRAN: Iran USA: The United States of America
ISRAEL: Israel USA / BRZ: United States of America / Brazil
ITALY: Italy VENEZ: Venezuela
JAPAN: Japan ?????: Unknown origin (UCT)






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