This is the gateway to the Mississippi River, the famous Saint Louis Arch. It is an impressive structure. It is even more impressive if you visit it for yourself! The next best thing is to check out my images here.

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This is a small portion of the St. Louis Arch's stainless steel construction. Gleaming in the sunlight, it seems like a giant knife stuck in the ground.
The two people at the bottom right hand side of this image are dwarfed by the massive structure that is the St. Louis Arch.
The other side of the St. Louis Arch. I could not fit the entire structure into the camera's field of view unless I was about 200 yards away or more.
The two sides of the St. Louis Arch. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to walk from one end to the other. The stairs lead down to the elevator which you can ride up inside the Arch.
Looking up at the St. Louis Arch. It looks quite high, doesn't it?
The two sides of the St. Louis Arch from a different perspective. The tents and other paraphernalia on the lawn were from a July 4th celebration that lasted three days. Despite the tornado warnings the night before, and the heavy thunderstorms that accompanied the warnings, people still attended. I was celebrating in Cleveland at the time, the first stop on my first road trip in July 2004.
Looking up at the St. Louis Arch. The Arch almost fit in my camera's field of view.
The two sides of the St. Louis Arch. This image was taken from a small hiking trail that winds through the Arch area along the Mississippi river.
Looking at the St. Louis Arch side-on. You can see the Arch's full height as compared to the people and tents on the ground. It stands at an impressive 630 feet high, which is about 75 feet taller than the Washington Monument.
The full St. Louis Arch. I took this image from a bridge some distance from the structure. The Arch towers above the trees!
The full St. Louis Arch and the top of a parking lot complex. This is a 180 degree mosaic of the area. My 1998 Hyundai Elantra was not in this parking lot.
The mighty Mississippi River in St. Louis. This is a 180 degree mosaic view. Along this portion of the river were riverboats and gambling steamships.
St. Louis is the home of Switzer's candy, as you can see in this image. Switzer's is still in operation in St. Louis, but they could renovate their sign after all that time!

St. Louis town hall. It can be seen easily from the mighty Arch.





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