This is an image of a bridge I was crossing on the way to Boston. I did not stay in Boston at that time, but just passing through it on my way to New York City to see the Statue of Liberty.

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This is near the end of the bridge to Boston. I was heading South to New York City at the time.
In April 2000, I visited Boston to present a paper on the progress of the original CASTOR satellite tracking facility at RMC. After my talk, I walked along the old Concord road where Paul Revere made his famous ride during the U.S. Revolutionary War. This is a plaque that commemorates the famous Midnight Ride by Paul Revere. It marks the spot on the old Concord road where Paul Revere ended his famous ride in which he warned his fellow villagers about the approaching British soldiers. The rest is history! It mentions his cohorts as well. Click the image and read on!





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