A young dolphin swims up to greet us in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico near Panama City, Florida. Just look at those teeth!

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A young dolphin can be easily tricked into believing that humans have food to offer it. This makes it very easy to lure them up to your boat to say hi. They do learn, and eventually ignore the luring as they grow older.
A young dolphin smiles for the camera! Their facial expressions are very friendly, but they can be vicious if they need to defend themselves.
A young dolphin swims up to greet us! It still thinks there is food to be had, but again, it is disappointed.
This is the entrance to the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) visitor's center. I was honoured to be at such a place, where history of space travel was made many times, and continues to be made. Here's an amusing story: A sign in the parking lot said a GOES satellite was going to launched "shortly". When I inquired about the time, the attendant said October 8th. I had asked in mid-August, two months before! So much for "shortly"!
This is an observation tower for tourists. From this vantage point, you can see most of the Kennedy Space Center's buildings and launch pads. See the images below.
This is one of the main engines from one of the space shuttles. It was placed in the center of the observation tower.
The large building in the distance is the main construction building of the Kennedy Space Center. It is here where complex machinery and engineering is manufactured and stored.
The first of two main launch pads for the space shuttle. Every space shuttle has launched from this very pad.
The second of two main launch pads for the space shuttle. Every space shuttle has launched from this very pad.
I was honoured to catch a glimpse of the space shuttle Discovery as it was prepared to be placed into its hangar, several days after it landed. The flight it had taken was the first since the Columbia disaster on February 1, 2003.
The space shuttle Discovery is slowly placed into its hangar. Note the engine caps on the tail end.
Miami Beach near sunset. It was a horribly humid day, and the beach was the only place to be! The water is behind this image.





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