Majestic Mount Shasta towers over the greenery that is Northern California. It is an amazing sight and can be seen from Interstate 5, the Golden State Freeway (formerly the Bakersfield freeway). As you can see, it is as high as the clouds! I followed Interstate 5 from Los Angeles to the Canadian border. It is a lovely drive!

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The mighty American River flows from the Sierra-Nevada Mountains through Sacramento. It was along this river where the first Gold Rush occurred in 1849. from 1987 to 1989, I biked along this river, sometimes 40 miles at a time. In 1989, Sacramento had a drought so bad that the river was literally dried up. You could walk across this river's bottom without touching water. Luckily, when I revisited Sacramento in 2004, the river was very healthy, as you can see in this image.
This is the beginning of my biking trail that I used to ride on from 1987 to1989. This trail goes on for about 50 kilometers, and ends in Discovery Park, half way between Sacramento and Davis. I used to carry a portable FM radio while biking, and some stations would disappear along the way. This really shows the distance the trail traverses.
This is the house I lived in from 1977 to 1979 in Newhall, just Northeast of Los Angeles. The street is La Glorita Circle, which is still not a complete circle, as I found when I returned in July 2004. The neighbourhood that I remembered as a child had changed quite a lot. My old elementary school (several blocks North from this house) had been renovated extensively.

This is the house I lived in from 1987 to 1989 in Sacramento. The street is Starlight Way, which lies in a suburb called Fair Oaks. The house is pretty low, but since it does not rain much there, there's no worry about flooding. This is the house where I regained my interest in astronomy and regularly observed with my Criterion 8-inch telescope.





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