Cavendish Beach is a beautiful area on the West coast of Prince Edward Island. It is a popular vacation spot for tourists all over the world. Prince Edward Island is famous for its red mud, which can be easily seen on many of the cliffs at Cavendish.

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I lived in this house from 1983 to 1987. Its address was 104 Lyle Court, but when I visited it in the summer of 2005, it was suddenly 104 Doyle Court. For some reason, they changed the street name (actually a cul-de-sac) from Lyle to Doyle. I asked a resident as to why, and he said it was named that for the five years he lived there. That means it has been Doyle court for at least five years. This house was a yellow colour in the mid eighties.
A 180 degree mosaic of Cavendish beach in early August 2005.
Cavendish beach, showing the brilliant red mud that is synonymous with Prince Edward Island.
The brilliant red mud that is synonymous with Prince Edward Island.
Cavendish beach near sunset.
Cavendish beach near sunset.
A dedication to those killed in war, near Cavendish beach. It sits within a hiking trail that circumnavigates the beach.
The first crescent Moon and Venus are seen at sunset in Summerside.





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