This lonely dirt road is Highway 108 in Northern New Brunswick. It goes for about 50km until it reaches the main highway. It is mainly a dirt road for its entire length. Several minutes before I wandered onto this road, I was panicking over my nearly empty gas tank. I had been traveling through a desolate logging area, and was not aware that there was 150km between gas stations. When  I did finally reach a gas station, I completely filled the tank with 44 litres of gasoline. My gas tank is rated for 40 litres. Many said I was running on fumes in the end. It was (and hopefully the last time) the most empty my gas tank was since my car was first built. I regularly call my 1998 Hyundai Elantra my "Miracle Car" because of its amazing ability to withstand bad weather, heat, cold, and unusual circumstances without stalling. It lived up to this name once again in New Brunswick.

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This lonely dirt road is Highway 108 in Northern New Brunswick. I did not get many images of New Brunswick, as I was just passing through the Northern part of it. I found that it was mostly trees in this area, but it was an adventure nonetheless! My cell phone reception was non-existent. I literally felt I was cut off from the rest of the world.





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