A statue of Louis Riel, the famous Metis rebel leader, stands near the Manitoba Legislature in Winnipeg (which is right behind him). When I was in school, Louis Riel would have never gotten a statue. How times have changed.

The front of the Manitoba Legislature building in Winnipeg. A statue, nick-named the Golden-Boy sits atop this building. It is a very lovely sight to see!
Looking at downtown Winnipeg directly opposite the Manitoba Legislature.
One of two buffalo statues just inside the entrance-way of the Manitoba Legislature. They are quite large and assuming, and therefore difficult to miss!
These curious white monoliths within the Manitoba Legislature contain front pages of newspapers from various countries. The headlines on every page are of the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, in which the World Trade Center was destroyed. It was a very strange, but unique, experience that although Manitoba had not directly been affected by these events, the province decided to honour those who died with these monoliths. There were an equal amount on the opposite side of the room.
The main chamber of the Manitoba Legislature.
The Speaker's Chair within the main chamber of the Manitoba Legislature.
Two great buffalo statues sit just inside the entrance-way of the Manitoba Legislature. They look quite impressive, don't they? This image was taken from the second floor of the building.
The "Golden-Boy" sits atop this Manitoba Legislature. He is actually facing away from you in this image. He is facing downtown Winnipeg, and not the river.
A side view of the Louis Riel statue outside the Manitoba Legislature. The last quarter Moon is easily seen above his head at the top of the image.
Not very much to say here. I just thought this was a cool image of a seagull landing.
This ordinary stump was turned into a wizard's face by an expert woodworker. A good friend of mine led me through 1/2 mile of forest in Winnipeg to find this particular artistic expression, which for the most part is shrouded in trees near several suburbs.
A close-up of the "Wizard Tree". I have always found it amazed at the artistic talents of people. Just imagine turning an ordinary tree stump into a wizard's face!
The entire stump that the "Wizard Tree" was created from. As far as I know, no other tree in that particular forest has this distinction. Lucky stump!

A beautiful wolf mural along a boardwalk, near a marina near Winnipeg. The entire boardwalk was full of these murals, but I thought this one was the best!





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