You have no idea how glad I was to see these cows! After several hours of driving down a straight and deserted road in Saskatchewan, seeing those critters was like seeing fireworks against a totally black sky! They seem to have been taking an interest in me as well, as I took this image of them. Perhaps they were glad to see someone else besides themselves, or they were wondering why I would stop in such a desolate area.

My 1998 Hyundai Elantra in the middle of nowhere, Saskatchewan. There was only one gas station within 50km, and I'm glad I found it!
Cute cow cuddling her calf. It's just cute, that's all!
This big "Bessy" had its eye on me the whole time I parked on that deserted road. It was the closest cow, and I had walked pretty near it to get a good image.
This image is the only reason why I went to Saskatchewan. This is the "Corner Gas" set, and it is just a set. The gas pumps do not work. Trust me, I know! You can literally see this set from kilometers away, since the land is so flat and the air was so dry. Rouleau, Saskatchewan is a very small town, so small that the set itself takes up about 1/8 of the whole town! While I was waiting in my car for a scene to be filmed, only one other vehicle was behind me, a trailer. That's it.
I was incredibly lucky to be on the set when filming was being done. In this image, You see the film crew, plus two of the stars of "Corner Gas", Eric Peterson (sitting on the car's hood) and Gabrielle Miller (walking towards him). The scene took a few seconds to film, then another one was done (next image).
In this image, Gabrielle Miller is closer to Eric Peterson. I did not see any other cast member that day, but I was lucky enough to see two of them! It was strange that I was about 1,000km from Las Vegas, but I was a bit star-struck in a nearly deserted town in Saskatchewan!
This is a good example of the kind of highways you experience in Saskatchewan. Flat, straight, and boring. Few turns, few sights, few interesting things, except cows (see above).





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