An image of a BC Ferry that was travelling from Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay. The image was taken from another BC ferry that I was sailing on, traveling from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo. In effect, the ferries were passing by one another. This image was taken in July, 2004, during my first road trip, which took me from Ottawa, through the Midwest U.S., to California, up the Pacific Coast to B.C., and east through the Prairies. This image marked the nearly half way point.

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As I traveled on the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo, I got plenty of images of the wake that the ferry left behind! It had been some time since I took a ferry and I had forgotten the sights and sounds of the experience. This was also the first time I took a BC ferry, all the others times were ferries from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island.

On the ferry ride back to Vancouver (from Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen), we passed by some amazing American sights, including this one visible in the distance. This is 14,410 foot Mount Rainier, in Washington state. It was actually 240 kilometers away from me when I took this image, but I was clearly able to see it with my naked eye! We actually briefly clipped through U.S. waters on the way, but fortunately no customs declarations had to be filled out.

A marina very near Horseshoe Bay. I forgot what it was actually called, but it was a place I found while exploring the Vancouver area. I stopped here to give my poor car a rest.

This is image of my 1998 Hyundai Elantra (in the foreground) near some railroad tracks near Horseshoe Bay. I was headed for the ferry to take me to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island.

I still can't believe that my car (a 1998 Hyundai Elantra) was parked in a parking lot in Victoria, nearly 3,500 kilometers from my home in Ottawa! I was in the Pacific time zone, three hours behind the Eastern time zone.





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