The International ID is another satellite identification numbering standard. It is specifically coded to inform the reader of the year and the order of the launch within that year.

For the International Space Station (98067A):

"98" = Launch Year of 1998;

"067" = The 67th launch in
the year 1998; and

"A" = the primary payload. Subsequent lettering indicates secondary payloads
and rockets that were directly involved in the launch process. Any debris detected from the original object is catalogued as a subsequent letter (B, C, D, etc.) in the order of when they were first detected. Some satellites have broken up into hundreds and even thousands of pieces, each having its own International ID number. Debris can exceed the 26 letter alphabet, and so two (or more) letters can be used (AA, AB, AC, etc.).





International ID Was Last Modified On May 23, 2010